ink + moon collective

why we do it

We are a group of women who find joy in gathering and creating together. Each year we choose a new theme to interpret through carved and printed lino block. What started as an opportunity for connection and creativity, has grown into an opportunity to raise funds for organizations that are close to our hearts.

This year’s theme grew from our deep concern for the climate crisis. We share a desire to lean into hope instead of dread, create art that focuses on the wild and beautiful earth we want to protect, and put our fundraising efforts into the capable hands of youth working for change. 100% of the funds raised through calendar sales will go to BCCIC Climate Change, a youth-led and youth-driven organization supporting passionate under 25-year-olds to learn the skills to build future careers and future worlds. 

We offer you WILD HOPE as we celebrate our precious planet and fight for the necessity of change.


lino print of a crab

our previous work

We’ve been creating calendars together since 2012